Calling Out: A Celebration of Man w/ Caleb Bacon & Dr Drew

September 20, 2014

Caleb Bacon from MAN SCHOOL PODCAST opens up for a reading from Psychic Rebel, Colby and Rebecca Fearing this week, on ITunes!


Colby and The Purple Rose, Rebecca Fearing inspire Mr. Bacon with their Clairvoyance. Bacon’s mom loved the reading!

Find Colby at or on Twitter @PsychicRebel.

You can also find Rebecca Fearing at or @thepurplerose on twitter. If you want to get a reading DM us on Facebook,

Susan Sailer Pinsky


Dr. Drew is the host of Dr. Drew on Call on HLN Monday to Thurs, at 9 p.m. He is a 30 year veteran to radio on KROQ F.M. on Los Angeles, co-hostng LOVELINE and has a podcast on Carolla Digital. ADAM AND DR DREW SHOW as well as the DR DREW Podcast.


Outro music called “Celebration of Man” by Yanni.

Find a whole year of CALLING OUT on Itunes or visit SideshowNetwork.TV   for the best pods in the whole wide world!

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  • Reply Dolly December 10, 2014 at 3:29 am

    I cannot thank you all enough for the glorious reading that I received. My husbands death has put us all in a tail spin and this reading was truly a gift. The ladies were sooooo accurate. I still can’t believe it! I’ve listened to it several times and every time I get chills because of how spot on they were. Thank you thank you thank you.

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